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Why Marketers need to care about Cloud Computing…


The adoption of cloud computing amongst brands is set to be a key trend over the next few years.

In companies, it’s mostly the IT department and the CTO who see the benefits of cloud computing. Cloud computing can also massively benefit the marketing department, but many marketers have yet to grasp its full potential.

If you are a CMO or marketer, make sure you know the potential of cloud computing and how it can help your company or organisation.

Why should marketers care about cloud computing?

Simply put, the cloud allows us to access and gain more advanced insights faster. Valuable customer and campaign insights that can lead to dramatic uplifts in online advertising ROI.

Don’t just take my word for it. Read how Hoff, a furniture retailer, increased online advertising ROI by 17% using Google Cloud.

Okay, so how does it work?

The cloud allows us to connect and analyse data from multiple data sources with minimum time and resource. Which in turn, allows us to get more valuable insights from our data faster. Instead of working in data silos, e.g. data within web analytics, ad platforms, CRMs etc we can send and store all of our data in one serverless data warehouse on the cloud.
Take a look at BigQuery, it’s Google’s serverless data warehouse.

You can find out more about BigQuery on Jellyfish Training’s one-day course.

4 reasons to move your data to the cloud…

  • Analyse and share vast amounts of data at high speed, aiding you in getting a single view of the customer and working out a customer lifetime value (CLV).
  • Get insights on how to optimise spend across your marketing channels to achieve the best possible results.
  • Give more people access to insights. Everybody in your company can potentially contribute to making marketing smarter.
  • Start using Machine Learning to market smarter. Having clean consolidated data is the perfect foundation to use machine learning.

Need some more inspiration? Discover more about optimising your remarketing efforts; check out how you can combine Google Analytics, The Cloud and Machine Learning to identify people on your website who are highly likely to buy.

Are you using cloud computing to optimise your marketing efforts? Share your story…comment below…

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