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Twitter Growth Hack using Developer Tools for Chrome


I discovered a great little Twitter growth hack the other day. It involves ‘developer tools for Chrome’ and a little bit of code. By adding a snipet of code in to dev tools you can follow a large amount of Twitter accounts in just a few seconds.

Before I explain how this can be done let’s look at why you would want to do this.

  1. It a great way to increase your followers fast due to the if you follow me I will follow you back etiquette.
  2. You can quickly and easily follow other account’s followers, such as your competitor’s followers or other influencers in your industry.
  3. It’s a great time saver as it allows you to follow a large number of accounts in just a few seconds.

N.B. Try this Twitter growth hack at your own risk and be aware of Twitter’s rules beforehand.

Twitter Growth Hack

So first you need to go to Twitter and click on the followers of the account’s followers you want to follow. Still with me? 😉

Next open Chrome’s Dev tools. You can do this on a windows PC by hitting F12 or on a mac by hitting command, alt & J.

Then select the ‘console’ tab in the menu.

Finally copy and paste this piece of code into the console tab window and press enter –

a = setInterval(function () {
  $('.not-following .user-actions-follow-button.js-follow-btn').click();
}, 1000);

Once you have copied in that code and press enter you will see that Twitter will automatically start following all the accounts on show in Twitter.

Twitter will only let you follow a certain number of accounts at a time so after a few seconds you will get an error messages saying no more accounts can be followed. Enter this piece of code and press enter to stop following accounts –


So that’s the cheeky little Twitter growth hack I wanted to share. Have fun!