That Social Media Girl

How a business can generate revenue from Facebook advertising and e-commerce (over half a million ££s in just 6 months).

This is where the job satisfaction really kicks in – helping a local business with a predominantly offline offering scale and achieve success online.

Comparing the last 6 months to the same 6 months the previous year….

  • Online transactions up from 928 to 38,100 (+4000%)
  • Online revenue up from £25,181 to £793,668 (+3000%)

Are your digital ducks in order?

Success like the above doesn’t just happen, all your digital ducks need to be in order first. That includes accurate tracking and measurement, a landing page that converts and having the knowledge to successfully run and scale a Facebook ad campaign.

The great news is that once your digital ducks are in order generating results like the above can very much be a reality.

However, let’s also not forget you also need a product/offering that people will actually want to buy. But for now, let’s take that out the equation and assume you have a product that will sell and focus on what else you need to successfully generate revenue from Facebook advertising for your business.

Make sure you have all 3 of these digital ducks in order if you want to generate revenue from Facebook advertising

1 – Accurate tracking and measurement…

Are you accurately tracking and measuring your website and payment process? 

To achieve success like the above you will need to be using digital measurement capabilities such as the Facebook pixel and event tracking.

But not only do you need the pixel on your website, but you must also be able to accurately track purchases and purchase order value with event tracking.

It’s not possible to successfully scale a campaign without the Facebook pixel setup and tracking product sales accurately. You will never be able to achieve results like the above results without that in place.

This is not purely from a measurement perspective (although that’s part of it); the pixel also feeds data back into your campaign which it learns from (machine learning). If you’re feeding back inaccurate data the machine will be learning and optimising from the wrong data; this leads to ineffective audience targeting. Not an effective foundation to generate revenue through Facebooks ads.

2 – An optimised landing page that converts…

Are you sending people to an optimised online destination

Sending people to an online destination that has an optimised user-experience is vital.

You can waste a lot of money paying for advertising that sends people to a page that actually makes it difficult for someone to become a customer. Not a building block for Facebook advertising success.

Typical things such as, a long checkout process and making people create an account before buying can have a huge impact on how many people will become customers when visiting your website.

Not only that, your page must be optimised for mobile (as most facebook ads traffic comes from mobile) and you need opportunities and incentives for people to easily increase their average order value.

Offering free shipping when customers spend over a certain amount of money and having relevant product suggestions on show to encourage people to buy other items will encourage customers to spend more money on your website.

Why is this important? Because to run a profitable Facebook ad campaign you often need people to buy more than one product on your website – the more money they spend, the more revenue you generate from the visit which increases your return on advertising spend (ROAS). High ROAS = hello bigger profits.

Other tactics like having social proof present on a landing page (such as product reviews) help to generate trust and increase conversion rates. 

3 – Facebook Ads Expertise

Do you have the knowledge/skills to run a Facebook ad campaign that will scale? 

Facebook is one of the most powerful advertising platforms in the world – it’s no longer just some platform that people post about their lives on. It’s an online shopping channel.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking that advertising on Facebook is just posting a few times on a business page – that’s not going to make you the big bucks. Facebook advertising is a whole different ball game, it’s expensive to get it wrong and profitable when you get it right.

Having the Facebook ads knowledge to test, learn, optimise, and scale campaigns is key for success.

You need to know what buttons to press in ads manager AND know best practice when it comes to setting up and structuring campaigns that will scale. You need to know how to build audiences that will scale and how to craft and build ads that will convert. This is a whole different ball game to boosting a post.

Can you compromise on any of the ducks?

No. All 3 of these are necessary to achieve success like the above – generating over half a million ££s in 6 months.

Dropping even just any 1 of the ducks will mean that big success will be almost impossible to achieve.