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How to create your own blog on LinkedIn


Did you know that you can write and publish your own content on LinkedIn? Lots of people are not aware of this option even though they spend time on LinkedIn every week.

Just to be clear – when I say ‘publish your own content’ I don’t mean sharing the URLs of articles as status updates (which lots of people do!) – I mean using LinkedIn as a blogging platform.

Why should you do it?

Publishing your own content regularly on LinkedIn is:

  1. An effective way to keep in the forefront of your connections’ minds – every time you publish a post your connections will be notified that you have published something.
  2. A great way to show off your professional expertise. Taking the time to write your own content about your industry is impressive and shows you are passionate and care about what you do.

N.B. Because your connections get a notification every time you post you need to be mindful of how often you post. If you are posting too often these notifications will quickly become annoying to your connections and may lead to them turning them off altogether!

How often should you post?

Posting either useful or thought-provoking content no more than once a month is a good target to stick to. Remember – no direct selling, people will switch off (just like if you were at a networking event and you tried to sell your product immediately to everyone you spoke to without taking the time to listen to them or get to know them first.)

Your personal author URL

What I really love about Linkedin publisher is that you get a personal author URL which you can share with people to direct them straight to your author page on Linkedin (this one is mine). This URL points to a landing page that showcases all the articles you have published. This is a great URL to add to any social media profiles that you use professionally within your industry (as a professional employee). For example you could add it to your Twitter bio.

How to get this URL?

When logged into LinkedIn select ‘Profile’ > ‘Your Updates’ > ‘Published’ THEN click on your name next to your profile picture. This will then give you your author URL in the web browser bar.

How to create your own blog on LinkedIn

Okay, so that’s the why covered, now let’s get to the how! It’s really easy to publish a blog post on LinkedIn. Just select ‘write an article’ from your home page.

How to publish a blog post on LinkedIn

See how your post is doing

Once you have published your post you can track who and how many people have read and engaged with the post by looking at LinkedIn insights.
Find this option by clicking on ‘Profile’ > ‘Who’s viewed your profile’ > ‘Who’s viewed your posts’

Here you can find out:

● How many people have viewed your post
● How many people and who has liked it
● The demographics of your readers
● How many people have commented on it
● How many people have shared it

I hope this has given you a reason to start publishing your own content on LinkedIn! An easy way for you to start becoming more of an authoritative in your industry without going through the hassle of setting up and maintaining an independent blog.

If you have any further questions on how to do this please do tweet me @thatsmgirl.

Happy blogging! 😀