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My Top 5 Favourite Chrome Extensions for Social Media Management

social media chrome extensions

So I will start off with some facts about myself:

1. I love saving time

2. I love lifehacks

This is why I LOVE Chrome extensions! They are so handy and can really save you so much time when you’re surfing the web and doing the things that you need to do on a daily basis (in my case managing multiple social media accounts.) I personally believe these extensions are so under-rated! Everyone needs to know about these and how they can help them (especially when managing social media accounts).

There are a few extensions that stand out from the crowd. These act like life jackets, preventing me from drowning in the sea of content which is just getting deeper and deeper and deeper…
*Cough* ANYWAY read more

5 Steps to Setting up a Hootsuite Dashboard that Rocks Your Socks Off.

setting up a hootsuite dashboard

Setting up your Hootusite dashboard can take time and it’s tempting to pull your platforms in then leave it. However it really is worth spending the time to set it up properly in advance and to learn all the dashboard’s features. Here are my 5 steps to setting up your dashboard which include all my favourite and most effective features of Hootsuite.

1. Pull in all your social media platforms so you can manage all your accounts from one place. (You need Hootsuite Pro if you want to bring in more than 3 social media platforms) read more

What does Favouriting a Tweet Mean?

what does favouriting a tweet mean?

I have noticed recently that there has been a sudden increase in the favouriting of tweets. Now part of me would like to think my tweets have suddenly become a lot more insightful but I think the real reason is because not everyone is 100% sure what hitting that star button really means or what it does.

Why favourite tweets?
The main benefit of favouriting a tweet is to save it for later. By clicking on the star next to a tweet you are saving it to your ‘favourites’ folder. You can access this folder and see all your favourited tweets by logging into Twitter, selecting the ‘me’ tab then ‘favourites.’ read more