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10 Mistakes You’re Probably Making with Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising on laptop

If you have never had any training on Facebook advertising best practice then it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will be making mistakes when setting up and running your Facebook ad campaigns.

I recently ran a short lunchtime live for the Online Digital Academy (my online training school) Facebook Group covering the most common mistakes I see being made by marketers and business owners when running Facebook advertising campaigns.

After years of training others on how to run Facebook ads, as well as running campaigns myself (which I still do), I find these are some of the most common mistakes. read more

How a business can generate revenue from Facebook advertising and e-commerce (over half a million ££s in just 6 months).

This is where the job satisfaction really kicks in – helping a local business with a predominantly offline offering scale and achieve success online.

Comparing the last 6 months to the same 6 months the previous year….

  • Online transactions up from 928 to 38,100 (+4000%)
  • Online revenue up from £25,181 to £793,668 (+3000%)

Are your digital ducks in order?

Success like the above doesn’t just happen, all your digital ducks need to be in order first. That includes accurate tracking and measurement, a landing page that converts and having the knowledge to successfully run and scale a Facebook ad campaign.

The great news is that once your digital ducks are in order generating results like the above can very much be a reality. read more

Quick YouTube SEO Tips

Did you know…YouTube is the second biggest search engine, after Google?

Just like you need to optimise your website content for your business keywords (to maximise it’s visibility within search), you also need to optimise your YouTube content for search.

I’ve been asked 3 times in the past week by different clients about how to optimise YouTube videos, so I thought I would document some quick tips in a blog.

Keyword Research

Google Keyword Planner 

Before you can go about optimising YouTube videos you firstly need to know what keywords to optimise them for. read more