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What does Favouriting a Tweet Mean?

what does favouriting a tweet mean?

I have noticed recently that there has been a sudden increase in the favouriting of tweets. Now part of me would like to think my tweets have suddenly become a lot more insightful but I think the real reason is because not everyone is 100% sure what hitting that star button really means or what it does.

Why favourite tweets?
The main benefit of favouriting a tweet is to save it for later. By clicking on the star next to a tweet you are saving it to your ‘favourites’ folder. You can access this folder and see all your favourited tweets by logging into Twitter, selecting the ‘me’ tab then ‘favourites.’ read more

‘Why Isn’t My Google Authorship Working?’

why isn't my google authorship working?

I love Google+ (a lot more than most people) so when my Google authorship stopped working I took it a little more personally than most people too. I couldn’t for the life of me work out what happened, it had been working fine for agers then when I checked it one day on (a site I had been recommended to check whether authorship was working) I saw the dreaded result – ‘authorship not found’. What really annoyed me was (because I work in the digital marketing industry) I had also set up Google authorship for a number of other people and theirs all worked! Everyone of them apart from mine. read more