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How to Format the Text in Google+ Posts

format of google+ text

I made a discovery today that made me very happy. You can format the text in Google+ posts! Being an active Google+ user and advocate this discovery, that may only seem small to you, made my day. It’s the little things in life, after all.  😉

So here’s how you can format your text

*bold* will make it bold

-Strikethrough- will make it Strikethrough

_Italic_ will make it Italic 


5 Steps to Setting up a Hootsuite Dashboard that Rocks Your Socks Off.

setting up a hootsuite dashboard

Setting up your Hootusite dashboard can take time and it’s tempting to pull your platforms in then leave it. However it really is worth spending the time to set it up properly in advance and to learn all the dashboard’s features. Here are my 5 steps to setting up your dashboard which include all my favourite and most effective features of Hootsuite.

1. Pull in all your social media platforms so you can manage all your accounts from one place. (You need Hootsuite Pro if you want to bring in more than 3 social media platforms) read more

How to increase your engagement levels on Google+

increase your google+ engagement

When ‘followers’ are talked about on Google+ the term circles is used. Lets define what circles are before we start.

What are circles on Google+

A circle is a group of people you are following.

You can have as many circles as you want

Circles are similar to Twitter lists. It’s a way of organising the people you follow

You can give your circles different names (it’s entirely up to you how you organise them)

People will not know what circle you have put them in. This is private.

People can add you to their circles however you will not know what the circle is called. All you will know is that you have been added to their circles. read more