That Social Media Girl


Hi, I’m Sarah

Not everybody gets digital, but in today’s world… business is digital.

Keeping up with the latest opportunities and digital advancements available to grow your business online takes up valuable time and headspace but it’s a necessity if you want to grow or scale your business. 

I help people (whether they be business owners, entrepreneurs or marketers) grow their brand online and understand the power of digital and social media marketing through mentoring, training and management services. 

With over 7 years experience working in the social media and digital space as a practitioner, trainer and facilitator, I’m experienced at advising and helping businesses owners, leaders, C-suite, marketers and professionals (both B2C and B2B) from all around the world get the most out of digital.

But where does the job satisfaction kick in for me? Helping small, independent businesses rise and succeed online. 

I’ve now left the corporate fast paced world of long hours, lots of travel and burn out in search for the work that I was born to do. 

That Social Media Girl – Social Media Agency

Owner of That Social Media Girl, I now work for myself specialising in helping SMEs drive revenue through social media advertising. 

I’ve helped businesses experience online growth through social media advertising within just 6 months such as:

> Online transactions up from 928 to 38,100 (+4000%
> Online revenue up from £25,181 to £793,668 (+3000%)

Online Digital Academy – Online Training

Partner and co-founder of the Online Digital Academy, I also deliver online training that educates and empowers business owners and entrepreneurs to understand how to effectively show up online from a business or personal brand perspective.  

For weekly lunchtime learning sessions run by myself and ODA business partner Michelle Carvill, join the Online Digital Academy Facebook group  >

5 Quick Fact’s about me

“ It’s not bragging if it’s a fact” – Google, I am remarkable

✅ Global agency trainer & facilitator
✅ Trained Fortune 500 companies worldwide
✅ Ex Google Lab facilitator
✅ Social Media Agency Owner
✅ CIM course director

What others have said about working with me…

“We can’t recommend Sarah highly enough! She is incredible at what she does, and highly professional! She has completely turned our online business around, and we saw growth in the THOUSANDS of percent last year due to her!”

Darren, Small Business Owner & Founder

“Working with Sarah will make you, or your teams, more effective at driving revenue via digital”

Chris, MD of Global Medical Communications Agency