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10 Mistakes You’re Probably Making with Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising on laptop

If you have never had any training on Facebook advertising best practice then it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will be making mistakes when setting up and running your Facebook ad campaigns.

I recently ran a short lunchtime live for the Online Digital Academy (my online training school) Facebook Group covering the most common mistakes I see being made by marketers and business owners when running Facebook advertising campaigns.

After years of training others on how to run Facebook ads, as well as running campaigns myself (which I still do), I find these are some of the most common mistakes.

The good news is, many of them are easily fixed and can have a massive impact on your campaign results!

10 Mistakes You’re Probably Making with Facebook Advertising

  1. Boosting your posts instead of running campaigns in ads manager
  2. Sending people to your website with no pixel
  3. Pixel is on your website but event tracking is not setup
  4. Selecting the wrong objective when setting up a campaign
  5. Using carousel and collections ads but not single image or video ads
  6. Audience size is too big
  7. Audience size is too small (over segmentation)
  8. Starting your campaigns with budget optimisation switched on
  9. Only showing your ads on 1 or 2 placements
  10. Editing your campaigns too often

If you’d like some more context on each point watch the lunchtime learning live video which I delivered in the Online Digital Academy Facebook Group. Recording below 👇

What do you find most challenging about Facebook advertising? Let me know – comment on the video, or below.